We understand our members want quality and tasty meat.

That’s why we’re just as selective about the farms who supply our beef, lamb, pork and poultry. We work closely with specially selected farmers to maintain the highest quality, while ensuring they share our farming ethos and meet our high ethical and welfare standards.

Sourcing the best local produce

All of our farmers are passionate about working responsibly and adopt various sustainable practices on each of their farms.

We know the local farms we use, very well indeed as most are within 50 miles of our premises. In fact, we’re on first name terms with some of them. That’s how we can be sure they’re experts in breeding the very best of British and will always supply us with beef, lamb, pork or poultry that tastes so much better than anything you’ll find on a supermarket shelf.

They’re based across the North of England and only rear native breeds such as Red Poll and Aberdeen Angus, two of the best varieties of cattle for beef, prized for their quality and flavour.

Keeping it traceable when we go further afield

Traceability is crucial and at Gourmet Meat Club, we can track the journey of our meat from field to fork, giving us complete control over the quality of our products and ensuring you only ever get the very best.

So why is sustainability good for the meat?

Sustainable farming is the practice of rearing livestock for food in a manner that is beneficial for both the consumer and animal in terms of health, welfare and the environment. We make sure that this practice is adhered to on all of our farms.

All of our animals are treated with care and respect, promoting natural feeding, behaviours and growth.

All of the farmers we work with rear free-range and grass-fed livestock. The animals are able to graze and roam freely and we take every measure possible to ensure that they couldn’t be looked after any better. The benefits of this type of farming are easy to understand when you taste the results.

On Gourmet Meat Club farms, it’s all good

Not only is knowing exactly what the animals have eaten good for the flavour, but it also makes our meat naturally better for you. That’s because it contains considerably more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as grass is far richer in nutrients. To add to your peace of mind when it comes to what you eat, none of our animals are given antibiotic injections.

We’re also proud to say that all our cows and lambs graze on fresh, luscious grass and our pigs and chickens are free-range to give our meat distinctive flavour that makes it really stand out from the herd.