Since the company burst onto the online butcher’s scene back in February 2016, Gourmet Meat Club has been creating quite a stir amongst the nation’s lovers of all things quality, culinary and carnivore.

Why? Simple. We make it possible for everyone to choose and buy the kind of beef, lamb, pork and poultry that you’d usually have to visit a craft butcher to find. Tasty cuts like our grass-fed Beef Bucco or Chateaubriand

But what’s the story behind this deliciously tempting way to buy the best quality meat online?

A proud heritage in traditional farming and butchery

Our director Simon comes from three generations of craft butchers. In fact, from the early age of six he was taught the skills required to be a master butcher, alongside ethical, sustainable farming methods.

By the time Simon was a teenager, he was skilled in both and then went on to build successful businesses producing and retailing some of the best quality meat in the UK.

But as supermarkets and mass farming techniques began to grow in size and popularity, he noticed something was also changing on the high street. Traditional craft butchers, long the source of the very best cuts, seasonal specialities, expert advice on preparation and friendly service were disappearing. Lovers of quality meat had to be satisfied with what the big shops found most convenient and cost-effective to stock.

Simon thought that this was not the way of the craft butcher and decided to change things for the better.

Bringing back the traditional skill of the craft butcher

What if there was a really convenient place where the nation’s meat lovers could find the very finest free-range, grass-fed beef, lamb, pork or chicken? What if they could also choose unique, unusual products that weren’t available in super markets and very rarely seen in even the best artisan butcher’s shops? How about providing all this online with easy ordering, convenient delivery and fresh temperature-controlled 24-hour delivery to virtually anywhere in the UK?

A brand new artisan butcher on the block

The Gourmet Meat Club was born. Our online craft butchers store opened for business and word soon spread amongst the nation’s meat connoisseurs. Our customers loved the convenience of having meat boxes delivered on a regular basis, fresh and straight to their door. They were more than happy to avoid queuing in high street butcher shops. They were equally chuffed that we’re committed to support our local farmers, working with them to ensure the animals are ethically reared and we only ever sell the best of British produce. Of course, they were also ecstatic at the heavenly taste and texture of the beef, lamb, pork and poultry we’d lovingly sourced for them.

Since we first opened for business in February 2016, we’ve dispatched thousands of meat boxes to customers across the UK, each packed to the brim with the kind of cuts that make Gourmet Meat Club a very special online butcher indeed.

Today, we’re proud to continue the tradition of the craft butcher online that Simon’s family began in rural Lancashire over 50 years ago.