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How does the membership work?

When you place your Gourmet Meat Club order, you are given the choice of a weekly or fortnightly delivery. The orders will then continue on that basis, unless paused through your customer account. We are very flexible and there are no ties or hidden contracts.

Where do you source your meat?

At Gourmet Meat Club we believe in the straightforward ideology that ‘happy, healthy food helps to make happy and healthy people’; this belief is incorporated into the way we farm and operate.

We understand that customers are increasingly concerned about the traceability and welfare of their food and the journey it has taken from the farm, to their plate. In order to guarantee that our food tastes exceptional with every forkful we ensure that our animals are given the best life possible and our meat is sourced fresh from the great fields of Britain.

How does my meat stay fresh?

We've cleverly crafted our packaging so that once dispatched, our meat stays fresh for 24 hours. We use hydrated ice blocks and protective insulation that keep the package at a constant temperature. Our overnight service takes less than 24 hours which means your meat will be fresh once it has arrived at your door. All of our meat is delivered chilled and not frozen, it will keep fresh until the use by date when refrigerated or up to six months when frozen.

Can the meat be frozen?

All our products can be frozen on the day of delivery. We recommend freezing unprocessed products for up to six months and processed products for up to two months. This will not affect the product quality, please ensure that you always defrost meat thoroughly before cooking.

Please note the use by date is for refrigerating purposes only, please adjust accordingly when freezing.

Is your meat gluten free?

All our products are gluten free, we also have the full ingredients listed on the product page and on the product labels.

When will my parcel be delivered?

Our current delivery days are Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. We have two delivery options available, the standard 8am-6pm which is included in the box price or you can upgrade to pre 12 noon.

You can subscribe to Gourmet Meat Club on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, you can then choose a suitable day to receive your first box.

What if I miss my delivery?

When placing your order our website will give you the option to leave delivery instructions in case you are not home when your package arrives. Additionally, the courier may also leave your package at a safe location around your property at their discretion.

Can I change my order?

Yes, you can pick and choose what cuts you want, meaning that each meat box you receive can be entirely different from the last. You can also add extra products if you wish. Extras will need to be added on an order by order basis, they will not automatically be included from previous orders.

You can make changes to your meat box by logging in to your account section on the website. For any changes we require the following notice:

Monday delivery – any changes to be made by 7pm the Wednesday prior
Tuesday delivery – any changes to be made by 7pm the Thursday prior
Thursday delivery – any changes to be made by 4pm the Sunday prior

How do I pause a delivery?

You can pause a delivery, or multiple deliveries for up to 6 weeks in advance. To do this, simply login to your customer account and select the ‘Pause/Amend Delivery Dates’ option. Using the calendar, you can click on the delivery date/s that are highlighted in a yellow colour that you wish to pause. Once paused the colour will change from the yellow to brown.

If you wish to pause any further deliveries, please contact us and one of the team will happily assist you with this.

How do I cancel my membership?

Gourmet Meat Club membership is fully flexible and there are no contracts or strings attached. We understand that you might not wish to receive a delivery on certain weeks and it’s super-easy to pause deliveries by logging in to your customer account.

If you feel the meat is coming too frequently for your household, please just give us a call on 01282 881544 and we can arrange for your delivery schedule to be changed to suit you.

Please note we require all cancellations in writing, to cancel your membership please email We always aim to minimise wastage and because our meat is ordered in advance, please note that all cancellations must be made before our cut off times.