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At Gourmet Meat Club we hand-pick our farmers to ensure that they share our farming ethos and meet our high ethical and welfare standards. We work closely with specially selected farmers and a huge amount of dedication goes into making sure that our meat cuts are top-notch and outstandingly tasty. All of our farmers are passionate about farming responsibly and adopt various sustainable farming practices on each of their farms.

Our farmers are based across the North of England and only rear native British breeds such as Red Poll and Aberdeen Angus. Therefore, we can guarantee that all of our gourmet cuts are born and made in Britain and we know which farm each irresistible product has come from. Traceability is crucial and at Gourmet Meat Club we can track the journey of our meat from farm to fork, giving us complete control over the quality of our products, ensuring our customers only get the very best.

We are passionate about farming responsibly. Sustainable Farming is the practice of rearing livestock for food in a manner that is beneficial for both the consumer and animal in terms of health, welfare and the environment; this is the farming approach that we follow on all of our farms. All of our animals are treated with care and respect, promoting natural feeding, behaviours and growth.

All of the farmers we work with rear free-range and grass fed livestock. The animals are able to graze and roam to their hearts content and we take every measure possible to ensure that they are well looked after. The benefits of eating free-range and grass fed meat are endless. Not only do these include knowing exactly what the animals have eaten, but there are also numerous health benefits too.

Our meat contains considerably more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals simply because grass is far richer in nutrients and none of our animals are given antibiotic injections. Furthermore, allowing our animals to graze on fresh, luscious grass provides our meat with a wonderful, distinctive flavour .