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Our Meat

Creating tremendously tasty, high-quality meat is where our passion lies. From the hard work of our farmers in rearing our free-range, grass fed meat, through to the craft butchery skills used to hand-prepare our cuts, we take pride in our products through every step of the journey.

Free-range, Grass Fed & Brilliantly British

All of our irresistible cuts are sourced from specially selected, local farms who adhere to our high ethical and welfare standards.

We only work with responsible farmers who rear traditional British breeds and treat their animals with the upmost care and respect. By doing so, we ensure that we have full traceability of all our meaty treats and the journey they have taken from the farm to fork. With all our beef and lamb being grass fed and our chicken and pork being free-range, you can literally taste the quality with every mouthful.

Traditional Craft Methods

We are extremely passionate about traditional craft butchery which is based on the use of native British breeds.

We dry hang our meat for a minimum of 28 days which is crucial as this process allows the water in the meat to evaporate, thus concentrating the flavour. It also breaks down the protein which is what makes our meat so juicy, tender and incredibly delicious.

Staples and Gourmet Specials

When it comes to food, we all know that variety is the spice to life. To complement scrumptious staples range, we also offer a selection of gourmet products specially designed by our master butcher for those times when you are feeling a little more adventurous.

Prepare yourself for the delights of Denver Steaks, succulent Teres Majors, seasonal specialities and much more. These extra-special products are rotated every six weeks giving you the opportunity to enjoy fresh, unique cuts that are not available anywhere else; the perfect treat for any meat lover.

Top Meat Preparation Tips

Cooking advice may be required if you are in the world of gourmet meats, but do not fear, we have that covered too! Detailed instructions are provided for all our products. All you need to do is click on the pan icon below each product on website and away you cook!

Hand-cut to order and delivered fresh to your door

Every product is hand-cut to order by our team of butchery experts. Once packed, our convenient courier service will deliver your Gourmet Meat Box chilled in our specially designed packaging. Your meaty cuts will keep fresh for up to five days when refrigerated or six months when frozen.

When placing your order, you will be given option to leave delivery instructions in case you are not at home when your package arrives. Additionally, the courier may also leave your package at a safe location around your property at their discretion.


All of our insanely tasty meat cuts are sourced from specially selected farms within the UK. We work closely with dedicated farmers who adhere to our high ethical and welfare standards as well as sharing our farming ethos. Traceability is crucial and at Gourmet Meat Club we can track the journey of our meat from farm to fork.

We work closely with our farming partners who, like us, take great pride in producing high calibre meat that is simply incomparable to mass produced and mundane products typically found in supermarkets. To find out more about our farms and principles, please click one the link below.