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Our Mission

This is meat, but not as you know it…

Gourmet Meat Club has arrived; our team of butchers have made it our mission to show the country how to truly enjoy meat again. Say goodbye to mass-produced, mundane supermarket meat and get ready for a meat revolution.

As experienced butchers with a passion for great food, we think it’s a travesty that top quality meat is so difficult for most people to get their hands on. After spending several years mastering our trade, we hatched a plan to launch on a modern-day revival of the old-school world of craft butchery. Soon after, Gourmet Meat Club was born.

Our members-only club makes it easy for you to get the juiciest meat cuts on your table, offering hand-cut, fresh meat deliveries straight to your door on a regular basis. We believe everyone has the right to know exactly where their meat comes from, with all our meat being sourced from hand-picked farms that adhere to our high standards.

We only provide the very best; with all our beef being grass fed and our chicken, pork and lamb products being free range, you can literally taste the quality with every mouthful.

When it comes to food, we all know that variety is the spice of life. To complement our succulent meaty staples range, we also offer a selection of gourmet products specially designed by our master butcher for those times when you’re feeling a little more adventurous.

Prepare yourself for the delights of Denver Steaks, succulent Teres Majors, seasonal specialties and much more. These extra-special products are rotated every six weeks, giving you the opportunity to enjoy fresh, unique cuts that are not available anywhere else; the perfect treat for any meat lover.

Club members also get the chance to step into the world of a modern day butcher, as box-by-box we provide an exclusive insight into the trade, sharing a few tips and tricks along the way. Starting as an obligatory Brew Maker, members can work their way up to Master Butcher status by following our journey up the butchery ladder.

With information on everything from the history of the craft, carving tips and serving suggestions, we’ll help you become an expert meat connoisseur in no time!