A revived lamb cut taken from the cross-section of the saddle, including both tender loin and fillet meat. Best served pink.

Many claim the origins of the Barnsley chop and we’re not well placed to say who’s right and who’s wrong, but safe to say it hails from Barnsley and all you really need to know is that it is a double loin lamb chop. Although, just to confuse matters, it is sometimes referred to as a saddle chop as it is cut across the saddle which produces the double loin. The Barnsley Chop takes longer to cook than an ordinary lamb chop, but it’s a matter of minutes – remember rest once cooked to soften the meat. And we mean the chop, not you! All our lamb comes from grass-fed lambs, free to roam the pastures and growing at natural rates, which in turn ensures a healthy, tasty meat.

Cooking Instructions

Grilled, griddled, barbecued or pan-fried the choice is yours, these chops are delicious whichever way you chose! To Pan Fry, pre heat your pan with a splash of oil until it sizzles. Dry the Barnsley chops and lightly season them before placing them on the pan. Ensure the chops are well spread out, allow no more than a couple chops per pan. Cook on a high heat turning the chops after 4-5 minutes when the reach a golden brown crust has formed. Place on a heated plate for 3-5 minutes before serving.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

ENERGY; 1142kJ/273kcal

FAT; 23.0g

of which SATURATES; 9.6g


of which SUGARS; 0g

PROTEIN; 17.0g

SALT; 0.2g


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