An up-and-coming steak which never fails to impress. This tender cut is taken from the feather blade.

Flat iron steaks have increased in popularity over the past few years but historically were a staple of our weekly shop at the butchers. Brought back to our attention by their popularity amongst chefs, flat iron steaks offer outstanding value and versatility. Taken from the shoulder of grass fed beef herds, the steak is cut with the grain to produce a steak which rivals any prime cut for flavour. Flat irons can be seared quickly in a pan and served rare or cooked more traditionally in stews and casseroles, allowing their flavour and melting texture to develop – the perfect dish to serve on a Sunday evening after a few drinks in the pub with friends.

Cooking Instructions

Flat Iron Steak is from a tender muscle but when overcooked it can become tough and dry; therefore, it is best served rare or medium. These steaks can be cooked either by frying pan or on a BBQ. Rare: 2 ½ minutes each side Medium Rare: 3-3 ½ minutes each side Medium: 4 minutes each side.

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

ENERGY: 1162 kJ/280kcal

FAT: 23.5 g

of which SATURATES: 10.6g


of which SUGARS: 0g

PROTEIN: 17.2g

SALT: 0.1g


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