Welcome to the home of grass-fed, free-range beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey. Sourced from British farms and expertly prepared by craft butchers in the traditional way. Making it easy for you to enjoy the very best gourmet meat, delivered fresh to your door. Read more...

Brilliant British beef always on the block

At Gourmet Meat Club, we ensure all our beef is grass-fed, which means it’s been raised exclusively on forage. This gives it the best flavour and texture that, in our opinion, you can buy.

But creating that succulent, flavoursome, melt-in-the-mouth forkful of beautiful beef is not quite as simple as sourcing the best grass-fed beef. A little bit of magic needs to happen before your chosen cut from Gourmet Meat Club is deemed fit to be dispatched to you.

The aging stage is crucial to help impart concentrated flavour that true connoisseurs demand. That’s why we mature all our steaks for a minimum of 28 days in humidity-controlled coolers to slowly concentrate the proteins for tender cuts bursting with flavour.

You can be sure our sirloin, T-Bone, fillet and all the other prime cuts we choose for you are amongst the tastiest you’ll ever experience.

All the best from the online craft butcher. No porkies

Back in the day, people valued pork for its flavour and pigs were farmed accordingly. Today, most of the pork you’ll find on a supermarket shelf has been raised using methods designed to deliver maximum return in minimum time. This means less fat, which is where the moist, juicy flavour of pork can be found. In fact, the average pig from an industrial farm today contains around a third less fat than it would have done just 20 years ago.

Fear not, lovers of that genuine pork flavour. Your online craft butcher (that’s us) is dedicated to keeping the tradition alive. All Gourmet Meat Club pork comes from British free-range pigs. From our boned and rolled shoulder to dry-cured bacon, Toulouse sausages and moist ham, it’s better bred to deliver a better flavour and hand-picked to deliver the best in juicy texture and mouth-watering flavour.

Lamb you’ll love

Centrepiece of the Sunday table, essential to a Middle Eastern feast and a favourite addition to any mealtime, lamb is the height of good taste whenever it’s served. This most tender of treats is as talented as it is tempting, and will be the star of the show whenever it’s served. As long as you make sure you choose the very best, of course. Which is exactly what Gourmet Meat Club does for you.

Whether it’s lamb shanks or rumps, koftas and Moroccan meatballs or good old lamb chops and cutlets, you can rely on Gourmet Meat Club lamb to be the best in the field. Because that’s where we go to find the lamb destined for your gourmet meat box. All our lamb is sourced from the best of local UK suppliers wherever possible and always traceable all the way from farm to fork.

Perfect poultry

We’re also perfectionists when it comes to poultry and are experts in chicken and turkey. That’s why we’ve gathered the best fresh, free-range whole chicken, legs, thighs, fillets and more from local farmers to make it easier for you to bag the kind of quality that most supermarkets simply don’t stock. Here’s your opportunity to become a sorcerer of the Sunday roast, the brigadier of the bbq or simply the master of mealtimes where chicken takes pride of place – and you really don’t want to wing it.
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Bavette Steak

A glorious steak cut from the flank. Popular across France, this traditional old fashioned cut is best served pink and can be braised or fried. View  Bavette Steak

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Flat Iron Steak

An up-and-coming steak which never fails to impress. This tender cut is taken from the feather blade. View  Flat Iron Steak

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T Bone Steak

The king of all steaks. With sirloin on one side and fillet on the other, this is perfect for steak enthusiasts. View  T Bone Steak

16oz - £14.95

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