From sirloin to silverside, the choice of beef cuts available is hugely varied and each has its own unique characteristics, flavour and cooking style. We bring you the pick of the grass-fed cuts to pack your gourmet meat box with the very best of British beef. Read more...

Beef is what the meat from cattle is called. You knew that though. What you may not have known is just how many different ways the ultimate in mouth-watering meaty flavour can be prepared, cooked and enjoyed.

Cut straight to the taste when you buy beef online

Grilled, barbecued, broiled, griddled, roasted or even boiled. Cook it your way, though the perfect way to prepare your chosen cut often depends on the cut and the quality of the beef.

Every country around the globe favours different types of cuts to suit their tastes.

But wherever you are in the world, the best ones usually come from the loin of the cow and are reserved for steaks only needing the quickest of cooking time with the tenderest, least fatty meat. Extravagant treats such as sirloin, fillet and T-Bone steaks can be found in this part of the animal and we have a constant supply of these delicious luxuries that you can add to your meat box when you feel the need for something special.

The rib is the upper middle section and contains short ribs, prime rib and rib eye steaks. These tempting sections are perfect grilled or barbecued. The fore rib, which we prepare boned and rolled, can rightfully claim the crown of King of the Sunday Roast.

Chuck and shin found at the front of the animal are a little less tender and contain more fatty marbling, so though still delicious, are best used in dishes like pies and casserole with more cooking time to bring out the flavour and tenderness. Brisket, the part just above the front leg, is just perfect slow cooked. Don’t forget, the fat adds to the juicy flavour and is essential to keep the meat moist and delicious.

The rest of the meat from the cow can be used in lots of other ways and may well find its way into the butcher’s mincer, from where it will become the essential ingredient in everything from burgers to Bolognaise sauce.

Beef: What it takes to make this meat more marvellous

At Gourmet Meat Club, we ensure all our beef is grass-fed, which means it’s been raised exclusively on forage (that’s grass and hay to you and me). This gives it the best flavour and texture that, in our opinion, you can buy. But creating that succulent, flavoursome, melt-in-the-mouth forkful of beautiful beef is not quite as simple as sourcing the best grass-fed beef. A little bit of magic needs to happen before your chosen cut from Gourmet Meat Club is deemed fit to be dispatched to you.

The ageing stage is crucial to help impart the concentrated flavour that true connoisseurs demand. That’s why we mature all our steaks for a minimum of 28 days in humidity-controlled coolers to slowly concentrate the proteins for tender cuts bursting with flavour.

Take our rib eye steaks for example. This loose-textured, highly flavoured cut is perfect in a variety of dishes with a flavour that just leaps out after aging, a stage many online butchers miss out.

More unusual ways to enjoy beef

Beef is an incredibly versatile ingredient and, in addition to the preparation methods covered above, can be used in various weird and wonderful ways.

The French are known to treat themselves to steak tartare; a dish made from finely chopped or minced raw meat.

In the States, specialities include beef jerky (dried beef) and pastrami (salted and preserved beef). Our Monmouthshire spiced air-dried beef is a piquant way to enjoy some of these flavour sensations without having to go that far.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy your beef from Gourmet Meat Club, you can be sure it’s been sourced from the best of British farms and is sustainable and traceable from farm to fork.

Which means you can enjoy every perfect meaty mouthful of brilliant British beef that little bit more.
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Bavette Steak

A glorious steak cut from the flank. Popular across France, this traditional old fashioned cut is best served pink and can be braised or fried. View  Bavette Steak

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Flat Iron Steak

An up-and-coming steak which never fails to impress. This tender cut is taken from the feather blade. View  Flat Iron Steak

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T Bone Steak

The king of all steaks. With sirloin on one side and fillet on the other, this is perfect for steak enthusiasts. View  T Bone Steak

16oz - £14.95

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