Centrepiece of the Sunday table, essential to a Middle Eastern feast and a favourite addition to any mealtime, lamb is the height of good taste whenever it’s served. This most tender of treats is as talented as it is tempting, and will be the star of the show whenever it’s served. As long as you make sure you choose the very best, of course. Which is exactly what Gourmet Meat Club does for you. Read more...

Whether it’s lamb shanks or rumps, koftas and Moroccan meatballs or good old lamb chops and cutlets, you can rely on Gourmet Meat Club lamb to be the best in the field. Because that’s where we go to find the lamb destined for your gourmet meat box. All our lamb is sourced from the best of local UK suppliers wherever possible and always traceable all the way from farm to fork.

Learning your chops

If you’re selecting choice lamb from Gourmet Meat Club to add to your meat box, here’s a little guide to help you pack in the cuts and chops you want.

Shoulder chops generally have rich marbling with that trademark lamb tenderness and lovely fatty content. They don’t need cooking very long to become the ultimate comfort food.

Loin chops are the most common. They’re the T-shaped steaks that are small on size and massive on flavour.

Lamb shanks are lean, meaty, and deliver an intense hit of lamb flavour that should also come with melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. But only if you’re patient enough to wait the hours (up to eight) they will take to slow cook to perfection.

Leg of lamb is the favourite cut for a roast, and can also come as steak or cutlets. It’s the leanest cut of lamb and can also be enjoyed rare if that’s how you like it.

Lamb is also available from the Gourmet Meat Club’s block as the mighty Barnsley chop; a cut that provides twice the loin meat and comes on the bone for extra flavour, plus a nice case of fat to keep things juicy. Just the thing for lamb-lovers who don’t do things by halves.

The lowdown on lamb

The term lamb can only be applied to meat from a sheep under 12 months of age. This means it’s much more tender and has a more delicate flavour than mutton, the meat from older sheep.

It goes without saying that the freshest lamb is best. As well as always choosing the freshest, we also make sure we select only grass-fed, free-range lamb that’s the best of British.

When it comes to the meat, we choose the best cuts of fine-grained meat with firm, white fat. All this contributes to ensure tender, succulent lamb with perfect flavour however you prepare it.

Whether you choose a leg of lamb for the Sunday roast with all the trimmings, or try something different like a spicy eastern treat, lamb will always deliver. Just as tempting, Gourmet Meat Club will always deliver the very best lamb that money can buy.
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Lamb Leg Steaks

Our lamb leg steaks are a versatile midweek staple, perfect for quick meals and best cooked in the frying pan or griddle. View  Lamb Leg Steaks

6oz x 2 - £6.35

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Lamb Rumps

An irresistible cut! It's natural layer of fat makes lamb rumps beautifully tender that are best served pink. View  Lamb Rumps

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7/8oz - £4.50

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Lamb Cutlets

Our cutlets are taken from the shoulder end of the loin and prepared to perfection by our skilled butchers View  Lamb Cutlets

4 x 70g - £6.20

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Lamb Neck Chop

Neck Chops have a strong, flavour and lean texture. Ideal for stewing or slow-cooking until soft and tender. View  Lamb Neck Chop

4oz x 4 - £3.95

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Barnsley Chop

A revived lamb cut taken from the cross-section of the saddle, including both tender loin and fillet meat. Best served pink. View  Barnsley Chop

2 x 220g - £8.85

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Lamb Shanks

Cut from the end of the leg, the shank is a lean cut. Shanks are perfect for slow cooking and pot roasts. View  Lamb Shanks

2 x 400g - £9.45

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