Delicious and nutritious, pork is a favourite meat that’s the main event of the Sunday roast or a BBQ essential. Roast, fried, grilled or even pulled, this is one versatile meat to add to your meat box. At Gourmet Meat Club, we offer the pick of the cuts to give you the ultimate in porky possibilities. Read more...

Back in the day, people valued pork for its flavour and pigs were farmed accordingly. Today, most of the pork you’ll find on a supermarket shelf has been raised using methods designed to deliver maximum return in minimum time. This means less fat, which is where the moist, juicy flavour of pork can be found. In fact, the average pig from an industrial farm today contains around a third less fat than it would have done just 20 years ago.

Fear not, lovers of that genuine pork flavour. Your online craft butcher (that’s us) is dedicated to keeping the tradition alive. All Gourmet Meat Club pork comes from British free-range pigs. From our boned and rolled shoulder to dry-cured bacon, Toulouse sausages and moist ham, it’s better bred to deliver a better flavour – and hand-picked to deliver the best in juicy texture and mouth-watering flavour.

Bred to be bursting with flavour

And when it comes to pork, the taste really begins with the breed.

The Duroc, for example, is great for shoulder meat and spare ribs. Landrace and Large Whites are also popular with both farmers and foodies because of their shape and leanness.

Many British farmers are now keeping more traditional breeds like the Gloucester Old Spot; a great all-rounder for pork chops, roasting joints and sausages. The Tamworth, a favourite for bacon because of its robust, porky flavour. Or even the Mangalitsa (known as the woolly pig), introduced from Hungary and the perfect porker for hams and salamis thanks to marbled meat that makes it unbelievably tasty and moist. Its high levels of monounsaturated fats also make it the ideal meat for long curing.

How to (Gloucester old) spot a good piece of pork

Although it’s known as a white meat, that description is a bit misleading when it comes to choosing a really prime cut of pork. White is most definitely not the colour you should look for, unless it’s in the layers of fat that are essential to keep pork juicy and moist when it’s cooking. The ideal piece of pork should be a nice reddish pink colour to a purplish red. In fact, the darker the pork, the better it will taste.

As we’ve established, the essential for flavour and texture is the fat. Inside the cut of meat, this is called marbling and is the magic that makes the meat juicy and tender when it’s cooked just right.

Our skilled butchers are experts in selecting the right cuts for texture and flavour. All you need to worry about is how to prepare your hand-picked, hand-cut piece of perfect pork.

Making bacon better

The ideal way to start a lazy day, essential on every Christmas platter or stirred into a casserole for extra flavour, bacon is a British favourite. It’s also become insipid and bland as mass production techniques have made this breakfast hero a shadow of its former self. Don’t worry, all Gourmet Meat Club bacon is traditionally cured using salt and brine to deliver that old-fashioned flavour and minimum shrinkage in the pan.

And when it comes to bacon’s natural sidekick, we firmly believe that the sausage should be every bit as tempting as the sizzle.
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Bacon Rib Eyes

Dry-cured to perfection, our Bacon Ribeye steak is not one to be missed and is adored by all bacon fanatics. View  Bacon Rib Eyes

8oz x 2 - £5.95

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Pork Chipolatas

Small in size but big on flavour, our cheeky chipolata’s are made using our own traditional pork recipe. View  Pork Chipolatas

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x 20 400g - £3.70

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Pigs in Blankets

These irresistible pigs in blankets are not just for Christmas! We generously wrap our free-range chipolatas with layers of home cured streaky bacon. View  Pigs in Blankets

300g - £4.20

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Pork Sausage

These gluten-free bangers are made from our own traditional recipe and blended with perfectly pastured pork. View  Pork Sausage

x 6 450g - £3.60

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Pork Chop

A British favourite. Succulent and simply scrumptious, we recommend you serve these chops with a generous dollop of apple sauce. View  Pork Chop

8oz x 2 - £6.40

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