Chicken is one of the nation’s favourite dishes, and is delicious whether you’re gourmet dining, barbecuing or grabbing a quick sandwich to go. Craft butchers have always been the place to look for the very best chicken and poultry. Gourmet Meat Club is proud to continue that tradition online. Read more...

It’s not just the taste of perfectly-cooked chicken that makes it such a winner for dinner, and virtually any other meal occasion you can think of. (Even breakfast in Japan, where it’s eaten with rice as the comforting dish Oyakodon).

Whole free-range chicken, legs, thighs and fillets

It’s also the versatility of chicken whose fillets, breasts, thighs and legs are the main ingredient in thousands of dishes from around the world.

At Gourmet Meat Club, we’re celebrating the possibilities of this most bountiful bird and have gathered fresh, free-range whole chicken, legs, thighs, fillets and more from local farmers to make it easy for you to bag the kind of quality that most supermarkets simply don’t stock. It’s your chance to become a sorcerer of the Sunday roast, the brigadier of the bbq – or simply the master of mealtimes where chicken takes pride of place and you really don’t want to wing it.

We can even add free-range chicken livers to your meat box to make it easy for you to source this most cheffy (and delicious) of ingredients, essential for serious Italian cooking.

Free-range chicken all the way

All our chicken is free-range, which means they’ve been more active as they spend part of their lives outside and have had lots of time to develop naturally. The meat usually has less fat than barn-reared chickens, so they’re a lot tastier, too.

Delicious prepared chicken and turkey

Chicken can often deliver an even bigger flavour sensation when it’s expertly prepared and marinated, ready to be grilled, oven roasted, barbecued and devoured. From smokey chicken thighs to stuffed chicken parcels, piri-piri chicken fillets, lemon pepper chicken fillets and more, our chefs have done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Just cook and enjoy.

We also stock a special selection of turkey products, sourced in the same way and prepared with love and care. Roast turkey is a moist, delicious meat that beats ham hands-down in sandwiches when it’s this quality. And turkey strips are a high-protein, low-fat addition that always create a stir in sizzling stir fries.

Just add to your meat box and your mouth-watering ready-prepared poultry is good to go.

How to choose and cook chicken

The best type of chicken to buy depends on what you are planning to cook. The breast meat is very tender and just right for grilling, baking or adding to a stir fry.

The darker meat such as thighs and legs has much more flavour and is great on a bbq, or perfect for slow cooking in a casserole.
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Chicken Fillets

Incredibly succulent and full of flavour, these tasty British fillets can be used in a variety of dishes. View  Chicken Fillets

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2 x 200g - £6.80

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Chicken Leg

Retaining their succulence once cooked, the brown meat of our chicken legs boasts irresistibly tasty flavours. View  Chicken Leg

2 x 250g - £4.80

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Chicken Thighs

Due to their juiciness and succulence, our skinless and boneless chicken thighs boast irresistibly tasty flavours. View  Chicken Thighs

280g - £4.45

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